American Parents


Although his career as a king was short-lived — History Memory Jogger: He’s the guy who swapped the British crown for the Duke of Windsor slot all for “…the woman I love.” — King Edward VIII (1894-1972) was probably on to something when he famously said, “The thing that impresses me most about America is the way parents obey their children.”

In any case, I strongly suspect that he wouldn’t be all that surprised by this cartoon:

The dynamic is pretty common.  A colleague of mine recently supervised a multi-school athletic competition.  To celebrate the experience, he had arranged for each athlete to receive a commemorative t-shirt.  When the coach of one of the teams realized he had one more athlete than he had originally thought, he sent this message in an email: “I just discovered that I failed to add one XL to my list of our competing athletes.  I apologize for being a nuisance, but I’m terrified of this kid’s mother.”

Not only does this note fit the times, I somehow don’t think that Kind Edward VIII would be surprised.

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld