“Always a Class Act”

So, I was watching the Morse High School boys lacrosse team host a quarter-finals game… (Relax, the Shipbuilders are my second favorite Bath sports team! A friend’s son plays attack for the ‘Builders and I wanted to check him out.)… Anyway, I struck up a conversation with a veteran Maine public school athletic director, an “old salt,” if you will.

Noticing my Hyde umbrella, he said, “I’ve worked the state basketball tournament at Augusta for years and, you know, we really miss you guys!”

I responded with something like “Yeah, we had some electrifying experiences up there.”

He countered, “Your teams were always good, but that’s not what we miss. From the players and coaches on the floor to the fans in the stands, you guys do it right. Hyde was always a class act.”

“Well, thanks,” I replied.

He continued, “I’ll tell you what. I wish we had a three-minute video that just showed Hyde on the court and in the bleachers. I’d have all the other schools watch it each year before the tournament.”

From there, we transitioned to small talk. Shaking hands with my new friend at the end of the game, I had two thoughts:

  1. Maybe our Augusta experience has been more good than bad.
  2. Maybe 2019 will be the Lady Wolfpack’s year and we can make that video.  Go Pack!

Onward, Malcolm