A Student Thanks Her Teacher

Speaking of Thanksgiving, Hyde veteran faculty member Ken Grant ’72 recently received some meaningful appreciation.  Last week a package addressed to Ken arrived from Stanford University.  Inside was a framed document with the following citation:  

Mr. Grant has three jobs.  He settles all our academic affairs, explodes with passion in class, and pushes us so hard in cross country practice that we can feel his spirit, heart and soul are all running with us.  He teaches us to get rid of the ‘fluff between the ears’ and push through any adversity, to be persons of character and to stand up for what we believe.  Acting as a perfect illustration of his own words, he fiercely devotes all his energy to his calling – a character educator for life.

The author of the above was none other than Hailun Ni, a 2010 Hyde-Bath graduate and currently a first year student at Stanford.  Apparently, Hailun and her classmates were invited to offer a few words of thanks to “that special teacher” who helped them prepare for Stanford.  Very cool. 

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld