A Few of My Favorite Things… (all within 15 miles of home)

Live anyplace long enough and you can’t help but establish a set of go-to food options. Before I show you mine…

I’m not saying they’re the best in their category. I’m also not saying that other very good options do not exist. I’m simply saying that they qualify as epicurean habits in my daily life.

So, here’s my list of 20, one selection per establishment. That is, unless I decide to name more than one. (Hey, it’s my blog…) In any case, should you find yourself in the environs of Ship City, you will not go wrong with the following.


1. Cafe Creme – Chicken Pot Pie (sets the bar at Another Level) followed by their Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake

2. The Cabin – They may be touted for “the only real pizza in Maine,” but I go there for the Chicken Divan Sandwich.

3. J. R. Maxwell’s – 3 Courses: a. French Onion Soup… b. Dinner Salad w/ house made vinaigrette… c. Seafood Broil (w/drawn butter).

4. Run With Soup – Flu Chaser Soup (Their signature take on chicken noodle with a discernible lemon accent)

5. Amato’s – Begin your beach day at Popham by picking up a Small Turkey Italian (w/ “Everything + salt, pepper, and oil”).

6. Winnegance Store – End your beach day at Popham by sitting for Seafood Chowder. (Made fresh throughout day).  Leave with 2 homemade chocolate chip cookies.

7. Brackett’s Market – Teriyaki Steak Tips (You’ll need a grill for this. Definitely worth the trouble.)

8. Beale Street BBQ – Key West Salad w/Pan-Blackened Haddock & Fries (Stipulate “with Paprika Dust”)

9. Center Street Bakery – Small Baguette (Laura: “Too good… Don’t get these any more!”)

10. Farmer’s Market (every Saturday morning) – Goranson’s (out of Dresden) lettuce greens… Beryl’s Pastries (Richmond)… Tarbox Farm (Westport Island) organic produce

11. Plant’s Seafood – With oyster farms popping up throughout the Midcoast — e.g., Glidden Point, New Meadows — I bought me some tools at Bath’s Now You’re Cooking (If you like to cook, you need to visit this store.) and have been working on my shucking skills.


12. Little Tokyo – Vegetable Gyoza followed by a Spicy Salmon Roll and a side of Salmon Sashimi

13. Gelato Fiasco – Although the gelato (made locally) is good enough to be sold in Whole Foods nationwide, I go there for the pour-over coffee.

14. Shere Punjab – No matter how much I experiment, I always get Chicken Tika (Heat Index: #7) and Onion Naan.

15. Cameron’s – Grilled Scallop Sandwich. Perfection enclosed in a toasted hot dog bun.

16. Little Dog Cafe – The solid: Brownie. The liquid: Cortado.

17. Wild Oats – Tossed salad… cinnamon raisin granola bar… anadama bread.


18. 5 Islands Seafood – Grilled Salmon Sandwich with their to-die-for onion rings


19. Creamed Baking Company – Chocolate Chip Cookie

20. Red’s Eats – Lobster Roll (If you can’t handle the line, Georgetown General Store also makes a good one.)

Onward, Malcolm Gauld