A Bronx Story

Cindy Warnick, Director of the Hyde-Bronx Family Learning Center, sent this uplifting story yesterday about Casten Offie, one of our students there.  Great stuff… in the spirit of the Holidays:

A little after 12 noon, 6th grader Casten Offie was sitting in the Dean’s Area focused on some personal  reflections when three Bronx police officers arrived to speak with him.

Deans Lydell Capers and Yvonnia Wise huddled with the officers. Soon there was an audience in the main hallway and Casten was called to the front.

In a nutshell:
The officers wanted to recognize Casten as “a hero” because the day before he had come upon a lost six-year-old child on the street. Casten calmed the child and walked many blocks with him to the Hall of Justice, where Casten knew there would be someone to help the little boy.

The officers gave Casten a framed commendation and a gift certificate. They told the Hyde-Bronx deans they had never met a more well-spoken, confident 11-year-old.

Students and teachers applauded and shook Casten’s hand as he showed humility and pride.

Thanks, Casten, for demonstrating character in action.  (Is there any other kind?)

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld