5 Things: Senior Evaluations

5 Things: Senior Evaluations


Author’s note: read the introduction to the 5 Things You’ll Only Do At Hyde here.

So far we have covered Auditions, Faculty Evaluations, Brother’s Keeper, Parent Graduation, and today I will finish with Senior Evaluations.

Key Quotes/Points:

  • Hyde School is dedicated to a curriculum of character education. Thus, we require evidence of character development as a prerequisite to a formal degree from our school. “Senior Evals” is the key to assessing, respecting, and encouraging that development.
  • At most schools, the month of May is a breeze for high school seniors. Not so at Hyde.
  • If the Senior Evals process can be said to have a “gold standard,” the Diploma is it. The Diploma signifies that “this individual is ready to conduct his or her life according to standards of personal excellence.”
  • During the evaluation process, the student, peers, and faculty examine the extent to which the candidate has inter­nalized the Five Words and Five Principles and applied them to his or her life.
  • The intrinsic value of the entire evaluation process for all rests on the assumption that honesty will be the guiding principle for self, peers and faculty.
  • Senior Evals helps facilitate the efforts of our students, parents, and faculty to honor the words on our school shield: Courage – Integrity – Leadership – Curiosity – Concern.

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