5 Things: Faculty Evaluations

Hyde Faculty Evaluations booklet cover

Author’s note: read the introduction to the 5 Things You’ll Only Do At Hyde here.

Continuing along in alphabetical order with the “5 Things,” this post covers Faculty Evaluations.

Faculty Evaluations Key Quotes/Points:

  • Faculty Evals provide a way for our teachers to be better at their jobs. This, in turn, provides our students with a better learning experience. It’s all about students and faculty working together to enhance learning and teaching… for all.
  • “Faculty Evals” are LIVE. These are not anonymous comment sheets filled out by students at the conclusion of exams; these are direct verbal comments delivered to the faculty member who is sitting on stage – in a chair that we call “The Hot Seat” – in front of the entire school community.
  • Having facilitated Faculty Evals for decades, I recall only one occasion when I have felt compelled to reprimand a student relative to a comment made.
  • The students are sometimes so freaked out over the whole idea that the adults have voluntarily placed themselves in such a position of public vulnerability that they are not quite sure how to respond.
  • One sign of it working well: After the facilitator concludes the process, we see seemingly endless pairings of students and teachers engaged in further 1-on-1 discussions.

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