4 Steps to a Great Senior Year

Just before the year ended, Don MacMillan (Head of School at Bath) and some faculty members met with the juniors to set them up for a great senior year.  The talk focused on 4 steps to take in order to set up  a great senior year:

1. “Finish Well”- Want to have a great senior year?  Then finish your junior year in fine style!

2. College Application Preparation – Start in June… not August.  Get it out of the way so you can enjoy the summer.

3. $$$ for your Bookstore account – Earn some money to put into your account next year.  Your own money will give you a boost of confidence and you’ll spend it more wisely.

4.  Ownership – Put some thought into which area of the school you want to “sink your teeth into” next year, and begin cultivating the necessary relationships with faculty and adminstrators in order to set up the right opportunity for you.

In closing, they discussed the two roles seniors are expected to perform: 1) Management and 2) Leadership.  A quick distinction:

Management is what you do (dorm captain; Dean’s area; uphold dress code standards; etc.)

Leadership is how you do it – with concern; thinking of others; keeping an eye on the objective; supporting others; building partnerships; taking your job serious, not yourself.  Since leadership, at least in part, is how you do your management activites, each of you will have your own leadership style.

Good Luck!

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld