3-Sport Athlete, #2

In the midst of some spirited discussions on our campuses following Friday’s post praising the 3-sport athlete, I came across a website (www.stack.com) offering some interesting insights on the topic from some folks in the athletic world far more qualified than me.  Check it out:

The first questions I’ll ask about a kid are, “What other sports does he play? What does he do? What are his positions? Is he a big hitter in baseball? Is he a pitcher? Does he play hoops?” All of those things are important to me. I hate that kids don’t play three sports in high school. I think that they should play year-round and get every bit of it that they can through that experience. I really, really don’t favor kids having to specialize in one sport. Even here, I want to be the biggest proponent for two-sport athletes on the college level. I want guys that are so special athletically, and so competitive, that they can compete in more than one sport.
Pete Carroll, Head Coach of Seattle Sea Hawks, 2014 Super Bowl Champions

Today, a lot of kids individualize in a specific sport. I think one of the things that helped me most was playing everything. I played basketball, I played football, I ran track. I even played soccer one year, [and] I played baseball. I think it allowed me to recruit different muscles [and] work on different things that I normally wouldn’t. And, it gave me a greater appreciation for the sport that I’ve come to love.
-Arizona Cardinals WR, Larry Fitzgerald

In high school I did a lot of cross training. I ran track a lot; I played soccer [and] baseball; I played football. All those sports were combined into my training regimen, and I just transferred that over to basketball.
-New York Knicks F/C, Amar’e Stoudemire

The one thing I did that I think a lot of athletes don’t do now is [play] a little bit of everything. I played basketball every day after practice. On the weekend, [I] played football on the beach in the sand. I was surfing, body surfing, snorkeling, hiking. Hawaii’s a giant playground, so I grew up doing all kinds of things.
-Olympic Gold Medal decathlete, Bryan Clay

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld