United States and Russian relations strike a chord with music students

Matt Newberg teaches a class called Introduction to Music and Songwriting, and it was this group that brought current events into use to power the music and lyrics for a new song. The piece titled “It’s getting Cold Again,” refers to the recent conflict between the United States and Russia.

This song was written as a class assignment. Newberg presented the lyrical start “It’s getting cold again,” and the class collaborated musically and lyrically from there. The chord progression was started by Skyler Drossman and the bells concept was thanks to Cole Purser.

Lead vocal: Kyle Henderson; backing vocals: Mackenzie Kennie, Bailey Kent; drums: Kenneth Jeffers; electric guitar: Chris Trombetta; bass, acoustic guitar and keyboards: Matt Newberg. Lyrics and music by  Skyler Drossman, Kyle Henderson, Michael Siben, Mackenzie Kennie and Matt Newberg.

Recorded and produced by Matt Newberg at the Hyde School studio.

The lyrics reflect the students feelings on the widening breach between two countries that have always been at odds and the need for peace and not repeating history. Newberg hopes that the song with its message can stir some thought about a conflict making headlines across the globe.

“It’s a pebble in the pond, but we need all the peaceful ripples we can get,” remarked Newberg.

Lyrics reproduced below.

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It’s getting cold again
a graveyard of familiar thoughts come creeping in
tension is rising high once again
must we be captive enemies until the end

some say we never learn
how can we avoid another deadly turn
igniting every bridge that we have ever burned
a mushroom cloud of ignorance is what we’ve earned

so we yearn for peace, a sweet relief that we may never know
so we yearn for peace, a place of warmth within this winter cold

so here we stand
let’s not retrace our steps to where this all began
a wave of souls working toward a brighter plan
eluding the dangers of the tiger’s den

so we yearn for peace, a sweet relief that we may never know
so we yearn for peace, yearn for peace a place of warmth within this winter cold