The Final Playoff Between Hyde-Woodstock & Hyde-Bath Boys Varsity Football Teams

The end of an era.

Hyde-Woodstock varsity football team 2016
Hyde-Woodstock Varsity Football Team 2016

This Saturday, the boys football teams from Hyde-Woodstock and Hyde-Bath will play their final game against one another on the Wolfpack’s turf. With Hyde-Woodstock consolidating with its sister campus in Bath, Maine next fall, starting next school year there will no longer be a “President’s Cup,” or friendly rivalry that has existed between the two campuses for the past 20 years.

The President’s Cup has historically gone to the winner of the yearlong athletic competition between the two schools. Originally a season-by-season competition, the “Play for the Cup” was extended to include the fall, winter, and spring sports under one award. Each varsity sport win earned two points for that campus, and each junior varsity win earned one point. Some teams played more than once against each other in any given season, but only the first meeting of the year counted toward the Cup.

With the announcement of the upcoming school consolidation, the competition for the Cup ended in an effort to begin the process of the students starting to identify themselves as “Hyde” students, instead of “Hyde-Woodstock” or “Hyde-Bath” students.

However, this does not diminish the excitement for this weekend’s game. “We’re really looking forward to our last playoff against Hyde-Woodstock,” Bath Athletic Director Stefan Jensen said. “The Woodstock team has some incredible players who our team could really learn from. But don’t get me wrong, the Bath team has been slowly improving over the season, and I think Woodstock is going to be surprised at the level of competition Bath brings to the field.”

“My heart is sad that this is Hyde-Woodstock’s last season,” said Woodstock coach Sean Saucier. “We have always had a strong team here in Woodstock. Our season begins with us choosing three words that we want to aspire to as a team. This year the words are humility, discipline, and loyalty. Throughout the season we have stayed true to these principles and have had a lot of success. My hope is for our underclassmen players who join Bath next year to take this practice with them and continue our tradition of athletic sportsmanship and excellence.”

Saturday’s game was originally scheduled to be held on the Bath, Maine campus, but it was relocated to Woodstock in order to honor the Woodstock team and their accomplishments spanning the past 20 years. The game begins at 2:00 PM on the turf, and the public is invited to attend.