Thanksgiving Break and Gratitude Through Hyde Students’ Eyes

Author Gaby Hirsch '20 with her parents during Fall Family Weekend
Author Gaby Hirsch ’20 with her parents during Fall Family Weekend

By Gaby Hirsch ’20

On November 16 at 7 AM sharp, buses rolled off campus filled with eager students headed for home. Since we’ve been back, I took the time to interview students of different ages and backgrounds to talk about their break and what they are grateful for this Thanksgiving.

Pilgrims and Natives aside, Thanksgiving to me is about reflecting upon my year and what I am thankful for. I spent my Thanksgiving with my family at my aunt’s home in New Jersey. I was not able to be home for the holiday last year due to being at a wilderness program, so this year I had a lot to be thankful for.

Spending time with family seemed to be the gratitude trend at Hyde. Ingrid Schroeter ’19, is thankful for being able to see all her sisters since they all live in different states. Thanksgiving is the only time they are all able to be together. This year, Ingrid’s sisters surprised her with loads of love when she got home from school.

Madi Mckusick ’22 was also grateful for her family, because being at boarding school makes her appreciate her time with them even more. Madi really enjoyed getting to sleep in and eat some good home-cooked food.

Logan Truluck ’20 spent her break in South Carolina with her extended family. Logan is grateful for her health, family, and friends. A highlight of her break was hearing stories of her grandparents when they were her age.

Zach Lindstrom ’19 spent his Thanksgiving at his cousin’s house in Long Island. Similar to Logan, Zach was happy to see his friends and family and is grateful to have their love and support.

As for Jaden Stout ’20 and Miranda Cully ’20, the opportunities they have had this year are something they are particularly thankful for. Jaden is aiming to be a professional lacrosse player, and shows thanks to his family for helping him reach that goal. Miranda struggled last year, and is thankful for the leadership opportunities Hyde has given her to help her take steps in a better direction.

I think we sometimes get lost in our own heads and forget about all of the things we are thankful for, which is why I like Thanksgiving so much. Thanksgiving brings light to those people and those things that have really impacted our lives, especially for those of us at a school like Hyde where support is constantly around us. Thank you to parents, students, and faculty for doing what you do everyday.