Stealing Oceans Performs Under the Chandelier

Stay Youthful, Be Grateful, and Always Love

While the seniors were at the FRC deep in Senior Evaluations, the underclassmen met in the Mansion. They met in small groups to discuss changes they would like to see take place in different areas of the school, and then reported out to the larger group under the chandelier. After the reports and some group discussion, the students were surprised with a guest performance by Stealing Oceans, the band of Hyde School alumnus Brian Thompson ’07.

Casually holding a Dunkin Donuts coffee mug, with his band set up behind him as best they could in a hallway, (his drummer David Martin making do with a wooden box in place of his usual performance drums), Brian talked about his fond memories of being at Hyde. He then talked about how he went through a rough patch in his early 20s post-Hyde when he got involved with drugs and alcohol, cheated on his girlfriend, and was not a nice person during this period.

Then he decided it was time to make a change.

Brian said it was Hyde’s 5 Words and 5 Principles that helped him pick himself back up, dust off, and move forward toward his unique potential. “Do you see everyone here [in my band]?” Brian asked the group of students, waving his arm around to the band members behind him, “Each and every one of us is now out living our unique potential. This is our unique potential!” He then jumped into his first song, which he said he wrote the lyrics to “in Brookhouse when I was a student here at Hyde,” which got a cheer from the crowd.

Stealing Oceans is Brian’s stage name. He describes himself as a Nashville-based hip-hip fusion artist who is striving to inspire others with his message to “Stay Youthful, Be Grateful, and Always Love.” He just turned 30 this year, and already has been nominated for “Best Live Act” at the Nashville Industry Music Awards for the past three consecutive years. After ten years of waiting tables, he recently signed a management deal with Starstruck Entertainment and put out his debut single, “Blueprint” this past October. Next up is a single called “Follow the Lights.” Here is the official music video of “Blueprint.”


Stealing Oceans is here in Maine while performing a string of concerts up the New England coast. Friday evening Brian is hosting the Maine Boys To Men 20th Anniversary Celebration in Portland. After the event, starting at 9:30 PM, the doors will be opened to the public and Brian will be joined by his band for an all ages show.

Brian and his band performed three numbers under the chandelier, the last piece a mixture of cover songs that was a huge hit with the audience. Another big hit was Brian’s bass guitarist Pat Graves. Going by the stage name “FlipADay,” Pat impressed the students with being able to do a back flip on cue. He told them that he started doing a flip a day and publishing it to his Instagram channel after a period where he was going through a depression. Doing the flips made him happy, and he now aims to inspire others to do what they love every single day. You can find him on Instagram at #InspireHappiness.

The impromptu show was such a hit, that Stealing Oceans performed a full hour-long concert in Hyde’s FRC Thursday evening for students, faculty, and staff.

Thanks to Brian and his band for sharing their time and talent with the Hyde community!

Video: Stealing Oceans Performs Under the Chandelier