Public School to Boarding School: A PG Experience

By: Megan E. Hood ‘PG

Megan Hood

Hi, I am Megan Hood from Chapin, South Carolina. I am a postgraduate student and this is my first year at Hyde.

Coming to Hyde as a postgrad for me was a very big transition. I graduated from a new high school in Chapin, South Carolina called Spring Hill. At Spring Hill, not only did I go home every night, but I had longer classes, a longer lunch, and by 3:30 PM I was out of school and doing whatever I needed to get done that day.

Aside from the weather shock moving to Maine from the South, at first Hyde seemed very overwhelming to me. Not only was I now living and going to school on a historic campus, my time was now scheduled around the clock, it seemed like I was always doing something.

It was odd to me having to adjust to this new way of life. I had to learn to not only get along with my peers, but also to live with them, which to me was very scary. I had to learn to deal with conflict right away because if I hadn’t, things could have quickly gotten awkward in the dorm. If you have a conflict with someone, you can’t just go home for the day and ignore them the rest of the week, you live with them.

I learned very quickly that I do not have to be friends with everybody, but I do need to get along with everyone and be respectful to those I would rather just ignore.

Another way that Hyde is different from my past public school is in how involved the entire staff is with all of the students. At my old school, Spring Hill, they were more focused on the students who wanted to be involved compared to those who just wanted to get by. Here at Hyde, it is not so much a choice as it is expected that the entire staff get involved with every individual in the whole community.

Being a postgrad at Hyde is more than just learning math and science. It’s about learning life skills such as public speaking, being an active member of society, and managing my work and play.

I knew I wanted to take a sort of “gap year” before jumping right into college, and when I found Hyde, I began looking at it as more of a structured gap year rather than just another year of high school. I am able to take college courses at the University of Southern Maine which allows me to dip my toes into the water of college without having to jump straight in. Being able to take these courses have sparked an interest in my college career that I was previously more worried about then I was excited.

This post-grad year at Hyde I have developed more confidence in myself. I am a lot more prepared to go off into the world and tackle the next chapter of my life.