News from the Wilderness Squad

By Wilderness Faculty Michelle Beebe

Winter has been busy for the Hyde Wilderness Department. We finished the decks to our winter yurts and Mother Nature has graced us with at least four feet of snow. This gives us ample opportunity for snowshoeing, skiing, and, you guessed it…shoveling!

We’ve run different programs here on the Black Wilderness Preserve, depending on student needs, but all with the same intention of helping students gain a clear vision of what they ultimately want for themselves and helping to guide them to move in the direction of their goals.

Building yurt decks
Working on building the decks for the yurts.

Spring break is a few weeks away and the talk of the town is our service trip, for which we will be going again to Puerto Rico. Students will have the opportunity to give a helping hand to our Caribbean neighbors while immersing themselves in Puerto Rican culture.

Puerto Rico group 2018
The 2018 service trip to Puerto Rico.

Last year students aided with the devastating effects of hurricane Maria. While there, Hyde students developed a friendly partnership with the American territory, one we are looking forward to solidifying through more service work this year. This is a great opportunity for students to immerse themselves in another culture and develop character through giving to others in need.

Meanwhile, students who will be staying at Hyde for the full break will have a chance to work with Habitat for Humanity, the Bath SPCA, and the Bath Food Bank.

We are also fortunate to be hosting Kirsten Beverley-Waters as she brings her yoga prowess to a live yoga class with students and staff. Kirsten left a lasting impression with her inspiring speech on Hyde’s Leadership Day, and we are excited to have her grace us with her uplifting presence again.

This past week, Lennox Lodge hosted 16 Unity College Outdoor Adventure students. Their Experiential Education class focuses on hands-on learning at various outdoor programs around the state. During their stay, wilderness staff member Megan-Mack Nicholson gave a presentation that touched upon the history of the surrounding area, the history of Lennox Lodge, and Hyde Wilderness School. The discussion included the different types of programming Lennox Lodge offers and how we incorporate wilderness therapy, adventure education, field biology/ecology, and personal development.

The Unity Students were encouraged to find their unique potential in offering future programming in the outdoor education field. They seemed thrilled to check out our Hyde Wilderness property as they embarked on a snowshoe hike on Flagstaff lake. Many showed great appreciation for their visit and seemed very impressed with our facility, making statements such as, “This would be my dream job.” We hope to see some of them back as future interns.