Maine Youth Leadership Day 2016

The energy in a room of over 1,400 students who want to be leaders in their communities and the faculty and mentors who guide them is electric.

Friday, October 28, over 1,400 students from 75 schools will convene at the Hyde School in Bath, Maine for the fifth annual Maine Youth Leadership Day.

US Senator Angus King will open the event with a keynote presentation. After hearing the Senator speak, the attendees will rotate through three sessions of workshops, choosing among 35 topics lead by both student groups and distinguished Maine community and business leaders. Each workshop will be centered on the day’s theme of “overcoming obstacles and embracing our challenges.” They will focus on the importance and challenges of sound moral character and the practice of leadership, helping students develop a heightened sense of personal leadership and character.

After a bagged lunch, the attendees will all once again convene for a Student Discussion Panel before heading home.

Throughout the event Hyde media students will be capturing interviews with visiting students, asking them about their perceived strengths and challenges of being a leader in Maine. The public can follow the event on social media channels using the hashtag #leadersofthe207 or tune into the Hyde School Facebook page to watch live streamed interviews throughout the morning.

The event is sponsored by The Maine State Leadership Alliance (MSLA) at Hyde School. The Alliance has two goals: 1) to bring together Maine youth with Maine leaders to explore and promote leadership development, and 2) to provide qualified Maine students a life-changing leadership opportunity with a postgraduate year at Hyde School. Part of the Hyde educational philosophy is that in order to become your best possible self, you must develop an understanding of yourself, the presence to speak, and the grit and confidence to go the distance when the going gets tough. The Leadership Alliance was created to help students achieve these objectives.

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