Inktober Update

By Emile Button ’19

October has ended and so has Inktober. Sadly, I wasn’t able to finish the month due to being a senior and college work. Here are the pieces I was able to finish:

insomnia sketch meditation sketch sketch

However there are many other artist challenges that you or I can participate in. There’s the Color Palette Challenge that is one of the most famous. The palette challenge looks like this:

Art Challenge Palette

The main way to do it is your followers on social media request something to draw and choose one of the palettes. The challenge is you can ONLY use those colors.

For example, here’s one that I did of my OC (Original Character), Lily Hopson: It’s challenging because most outline is black, but with the challenge you have to draw with what you have.


Surprisingly, I actually like how she came out!

Challenges are very helpful for artists to have some fun and try something new, but are also helpful to aspiring artists to help develop a sense of creativity, color choice, and more. The art community is forever growing and never be afraid to challenge yourself and your style.