Hyde’s Biggest Job Family Education Program

By Gaby Hirsch ’20

One of the most unique things about Hyde School is the family program aspect. Students aren’t the only ones doing the work, our parents and siblings work too.

Students work in their Discovery Groups every week in seminars where they learn skills to better themselves and their relationships. At home, families have journaling questions, and can tune in to regular live streams with Head of School Mrs. Gauld and other students to hear about their experiences on subjects like bad attitudes, truth telling, and parenting tips.

Each family member is also required to do an FLC, (Family Learning Center,) where you spend quality time with your son/daughter/sibling and learn about them. I just had one with my dad this past weekend. We went on a blindfolded trust walk, and did other activities in small groups. I learned that both he and I like to avoid conflict, and we both have an ultimate goal of being happy.

In addition to on-campus FLCs that take place at Hyde’s Family Renewal Center, Hyde also offers wilderness FLCs on the Black Wilderness Preserve in Eustis, Maine, Hyde’s 600 acre wilderness property.

Another big part of the Family Program for parents are weekend retreats and meetings within regional groups. By region, Hyde parents travel to a meeting spot where they hold seminars and do exercises that involve self reflection. These mainly focus on how to better yourself, separate from your child.

The Hyde Family Program has changed me and my family a lot. I now video chat with my parents every day, and I used to never call them back. I know more about them and how their pasts relate to me, which helps me understand that they have my best interests at heart.

Parenting Teens podcast

Note: The Biggest Job Family Program also puts out a weekly Parenting Teens podcast. Listen to the latest episodes at www.biggestjob.com or download on iTunes or Google Play.