Fourteen New Courses Added to Hyde’s Academic Program

This year Hyde School is introducing a focused “STEAM” curriculum—Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math—offering new courses to students on the Bath and Woodstock campuses, two of which will allow students to earn college credit through a collaborative partnership with Southern New Hampshire University.

The Dual Enrollment Program with SNHU will provide qualified Hyde School students in Bath with an opportunity to take a college course while still in high school. Students begin the process of accumulating early college credits that can be applied toward a college degree concurrently with their high school classes. The two dual-enrollment courses offered this year are Graphic Design and Sports Management.

Introduction to Computer Science and Introduction to Robotics top the list as two new classes offered in Bath to teach students how to apply important mathematical and science skills to real world problems. Working in a project-based, teamwork-focused environment, students will use a broad spectrum of creative skills in an engineering/design-driven program where they will build real-world applications.

In a similar vein, students in Bath more attuned to the arts will appreciate Writing for Modern Media, a class where they will research and analyze new media platforms and learn how to hone their writing skills to be successful writing for these platforms to capture the attention of today’s audiences.

In Woodstock students have the option of taking Journalism and Media Literacy in which they will learn about responsible journalism, practice various mode of writing, and explore the presentation of ideas, information, and opinion in the age of social media. The students in this course will also collaborate to publish an online journal focusing on local and global topics.

For those artistically-inclined students more interested in studio art, the art department in Woodstock will offer 3-Dimensional Art, which is an expansion on the ceramics curriculum. Students will learn the basics of working with clay, but also have the opportunity to explore sculpture, design, and construction using a variety of techniques and materials. They will create unique and imaginative art using recycled items, natural objects, and traditional materials. For the first time this year Bath is also adding a Ceramics class, and a new Woodworking class.

Advanced Mandarin and Spanish 2: Cultures will offer students in Bath more options for foreign language courses. Students in Woodstock can now take Spanish Literature, an advanced course of study for students demonstrating a master of the Spanish language in which they will explore great writing from Spain and Latin America dating from Cervantes to contemporary authors.

And finally, to round out the new course offerings, both campuses are now offering Introduction to Psychology, a class in which students will be introduced to prominent theories in psychology, examine human behavior, and study the basics of the brain. The class will look at case studies, scholarly articles, and contemporary research to understand the methodology of psychological researchers.

Talks are underway about ways to offer certain courses currently only available on one campus to students on the sister campus using technology.