Nina Janjigian ´18 – “I strongly believe that Hyde is what you make of it.”

After spending 3 years on the Woodstock campus and her senior year on the Bath campus Nina Janjigian ´18 came back to Hyde as an alumnus to facilitate an FLC and we had the pleasure of catching up with her! Nina is a Government and Law major at Lafayette College who plans on becoming a family attorney someday! Nina talks about her Hyde experience and how it continuously has an impact on her. Thank you Nina!

Describe your career path:
“I am currently a government and law major at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania and am planning to attend law school once I am done with my undergrad in hopes of becoming a family attorney.“

Which word or principle has stayed with you the most?
“The word that has stuck with me the most throughout my time at Hyde and the short time I have spent outside of Hyde as a graduate has been curiosity. I discovered my love of learning at Hyde and have since gone out of my way to learn as much as I can about anything and everything, whether that be academics, self-understanding, or learning how to empathize and be there for others. If being a student for the rest of my life and going to classes could be a full-time job I would absolutely jump at that opportunity. I am driven by a desire to not only know as much as I can about a variety of subjects but to also understand them and interpret them in my own unique ways.”

Which teacher(s) had a particular impact?
“There are countless teachers, coaches, and discovery group leaders who helped influence and shape me throughout my four years at Hyde such as Pam Bertschy, Lori Cooke, Amanda Sheehan, and the infamous Laura Gauld. I am grateful for all of them and the wisdom that they have instilled in me, however, the faculty member that has had the biggest impact on my growth and journey of self-discovery is without a doubt Kayla Sheehan.

As my soccer and lacrosse coach throughout my first three years of Hyde she challenged me physically, mentally, and emotionally, which I must admit I hated her for at first. I had many heated exchanges with her my freshman year over her attempts to push me to run faster or work harder. She grew to be one of my closest confidants and friend over the years and I was so lucky to have her be a part of my everyday life. She inspired me and showed me what it means to be a strong, independent woman and individual in a world where those aspects are so easily lost and undermined.”

What advice might you give to a Hyde student?
“I strongly believe that Hyde is what you make of it. The support system and care that the faculty and students show towards each other is unlike anywhere else in the world. It can seem overwhelming and overbearing at times but the challenges and difficult conversations that the faculty can pose towards students is always out of a genuine place of wanting to see students succeed and become the best version of themselves. If you make the most of your experience at Hyde, it is incredible how well-rounded, insightful, confident, self-aware, and self-assured you can become.”

Nina J 2