Jimmy Murphy ´15 – Woodstock, “Follow your dreams, work with what you’ve got and take advantage of all the experiences Hyde has to offer”.

Jimmy M

We had the pleasure of catching up with Jimmy Murphy ´15! After Hyde Jimmy continued his school as a pre-med student at the University of Miami. If that wasn’t keeping him busy enough, he also plays football for the Division 1 Miami Hurricanes! Jimmy reflected on his time at Hyde and gave a shout out to some Hyde folks who had a lasting impression on him. Thank you for your time Jimmy, keep up the great work!


Life After Graduation:
Jimmy Murphy hasn’t stopped chasing his dreams; and that drive and tenacity got him into a Division 1 college!  Jimmy is a pre-med student at the University of Miami with a 3.7 GPA.  In addition to his academic commitment Jimmy is a full scholarship athlete playing football. Jimmy says he doesn’t get a lot of playing time but, he was excited to start on special teams for the U’s October 26th game vs. Boston College.


Lasting Hyde Principle:
When asked which word or principle has stayed with him the most Jimmy immediately said, “Courage”.

The courage to do what is right and the courage to put a lot of effort into what you’re doing. Jimmy said that he sees a Ray Lewis quote everyday on the top of the tunnel heading out onto the practice field, “Effort is between you and you; no one else can give you effort”.  Hyde instilled strong work ethic, courage and effort in Jimmy.  Jimmy proudly proclaims no one will ever out work him or put in more effort than he will!

Another piece of Hyde that stayed with Jimmy was a keychain he received at his Hyde graduation.  The keychain was an outline for success in college.  It reviewed hours of homework to be completed per day, getting out of your comfort zone, setting goals and finding a mentor.  Jimmy thought it was great advice. Paraphrasing Jimmy’s words, Hyde just did it for him.


Impactful Hyde Teachers:
Jimmy, without hesitation, rattled off three teachers who had a particular impact on him.  Bob Felt, Peter Gregory and Sean Saucier.

Jimmy described Bob as a real father figure and someone who just believed in him.  Jimmy would go to Bob for advice or questions and Bob would steer him in the right direction. During Senior Evaluations, Bob was Jimmy’s advisor, he enjoyed Bob sharing some of his own experiences and challenges as a collegiate athlete.  A defining moment for Jimmy was when Bob told him, “Jimmy, I don’t care how good you are at football, you’re more than shoulder pads and a helmet”.

Jimmy laughed when sharing about his previous football coaches Peter Gregory and Sean Saucier.  Jimmy learned so much about life from his coaches on the football field.  He reflected on the importance of family values that were exemplified by “the Sauc”(Sean)! He said that Coach Saucier is a true family man and set a good example about being a good husband and a father.  Jimmy said Coach Gregory tried to keep him grounded, telling Jimmy it might be a stretch to make it into a D-1 school for football but, never give up.

Jimmy also said that as a Hyde Woodstock alumni it would be wrong to not mention Professor Duethorn and the amazing experiences he had during Senior Evaluations.  That was part of his Hyde experience that has a special place in his heart.

Lastly, Jimmy said, “What would Hyde Woodstock be without Susie Racine”!  Jimmy described her as the most genuine, caring, Hyde person he ever met.  Relationships created with Mrs. Racine last a lifetime and always made alums excited to return to campus!


Advice for a current Hyde student:
When asked about what advice Jimmy would give to a Hyde student he said, “Oh, that’s an important one…”  Jimmy had another great quote, this time from Eric Thomas; “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you’ll be successful”.

In conclusion Jimmy said, “Follow your dreams, work with what you’ve got and take advantage of all the experiences Hyde has to offer”.


Thank you for your time Jimmy!