Ethan Morrow ´13, “Your attitude dictates your success”.

To kick off this school year’s round of Alumni Features we interviewed California native Ethan Morrow ´13! After graduating college and traveling across the globe Ethan has returned to Hyde and is giving back to the community as our Assistant Dean of Students, a member of the English faculty team and the Varsity Men’s Soccer Coach. Ethan reflects on his time at Hyde, teachers who had an impact on him and gives advice to the current Hyde students. Thank you for sharing your story with us Ethan, keep up your great work!

Career Path:
After Hyde Ethan attended Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts.  There, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in History with a minor in English. Post-graduation Ethan took a European tour, traveling and seeing more of the world.

Ethan interned during Hyde’s Summer Challenge Program in 2016 and joined the Hyde Faculty full time in 2017.  As a second year faculty member Ethan is the Assistant Dean of Students, teaches English 10 and is a Varsity Men’s Soccer Coach.

Lasting Hyde Principle:
When asked which Hyde principle had stuck with him the most Ethan responded, “Leadership – I’ve become a leader by asking the best of myself and others”.

Ethan felt he was always surrounded by strong leaders while at Hyde. He believes that being a leader is leading by example and doing the things other people don’t always want to do. He witnessed leadership at Hyde on a number of occasions:

  • On the soccer field, Ethan said that the captain of the team always took care of the equipment at the end of practice. This was not his responsibility, but something he did for the good of the team. Although it may seem small this example set the standard for the rest of the team.
  • Ethan also recalled a time when the Dinning Hall’s dish room was backed up and the Head of School at the time, Don MacMillan, noticed. Don, without hesitation, took off his blazer and single handedly washed every dirty dish.  Don’s leadership and commitment to do what needed to be done has always stuck with Ethan.

Impactful Hyde Teachers:
Paul Hurd
was Ethan’s favorite Hyde teacher.  When asked about Paul, Ethan summed up their relationship by saying, Paul was “the man”! Ethan was in the Hyde Leadership Society alongside Paul and he also had Paul for Government and as a Senior Advisor.

Ethan also spoke highly of Ross Sanner, who was the Director of Admissions at Hyde and was involved with Ethan’s on-boarding as a student.  Ross was a mentor to Ethan, especially in athletics.  Ross would tell Ethan “how it was” and give him constructive criticism on the soccer and lacrosse fields.  One of Ethan’s favorite quotes from Ross was “I love you enough to tell you, you suck right now”.

Advice for a current Hyde student:
Ethan is very humble and had many thoughts about advice to give the current Hyde student, but thought he’d sum it up with one quote; “Your attitude dictates your success”.


Thank you Ethan!