Scott Bartlett ’12, “I learn the most about myself when I’m being challenged.”

How did you find your way to Hyde?
“I was at a really low point when I was 16. I was on track to dropout of high school, and my parents knew I needed something different. Someone they knew recommended Hyde, and after a little stint camping in the woods for a summer I ended up enrolling.”

Who are your most memorable teachers or coaches and why?
“This is a tough question. So many teachers at Hyde really went out of their way to have an active role in all the student’s lives. I would say Paul Hurd challenged me like I’ve never experienced before. He definitely sticks out because of that.”

Are there any aha or transformational moments that you remember?
“I got in a lot of trouble within my first couple of months at Hyde. After realizing how much I disliked being ‘out to work,’ I decided I’d try and stay out of trouble. Once I got my first report card, and actually did really well, I think I started to believe in myself more. My grades just kept going up after that.”

What has been your journey post Hyde?
“Well, I always dreamed of getting into the United States Military Academy at West Point. My first application was rejected, and I remember being very upset by that. But I went off and did ROTC at University of Vermont. After doing really well there I decided to give West Point another shot. I got in the second time! After graduating last year I selected Aviation as my branch. I’m currently learning to fly helicopters at Fort Rucker, Alabama. Life’s been good!”

Are there any Hyde specific memories that stuck with you?
“I would say ‘Senior Evals,’ definitely stick out to me. That was a really tough time for me. I talked about a lot of things I hadn’t really talked about with anyone else in my life. I also got to get a truly honest perspective of how my peers viewed me. Another memory that really sticks out to me is when Scott Georgaklis and I were both awarded the Fleming Award. I know how much that award means, and I felt blessed that we both had the privilege of receiving it.”

Is there any advice you would give a current Hyde student?
“Hyde can be really tough at times. But I’ve found that I learn the most about myself when I’m being challenged. So, take the moments you get challenged at Hyde as opportunities to learn about yourself, and reflect on what kind of person you want to be.”