Wolfpack Tennis vs Kents Hill

Hyde School:     1
Kents Hill:         4


The Wolfpack traveled to Bethel to play a match with Kents HIll on Saturday

1st singles
Sachin Venkatesh           6              6
Etienne Crousle               1            0

2nd Singles
Henry Tao                         1              0
Thomas Folsom              6            6

3rd Singles
Rowan Schwartzwald      0              2
Jaxon Friedman               6            6

1st Doubles
Se Jun Kim, Oliver Weiss              5              5
Nicholas Garneau,Taiga Saito    7              7           

2nd Doubles
Ale’ Atkins, Ryan Wang                1              0
Jesse Lissaur, Mason Keene       6              6



Captain Sachin Venkatesh`18 remains undefeated with his win(6-1,6-0) over the 1st singles Kents Hill opponent.  Se Jun Kim`18 and Oliver Weiss`19 had a tight one.  They started the first set behind at 3-4 after the first 7 games.  As the set progressed they were able to tie it at 5-5.  However, they fell behind 5-6 and just missed forcing a tiebreaker by tying the score at 6-6, and instead lost the first set 5-7.  After making some tactical adjustments they led the second set 5-3.  It was not meant to be however and they fell 5-7.  Our next match is Wednesday May 9th at Hebron Academy at 2:30pm.  The match to watch will be Sachin Venkatesh`18 and his Hebron 1st singles opponent.  They had an exciting match the last time they played where Sachin came from behind to win the first set and likewise came from behind to win the second set in a tiebreaker.