Wolfpack Tennis vs Kents Hill

Hyde School:     1
Kents Hill:          4


Kents Hill School traveled to Bath to play an indoor match on Wednesday.


1st singles           Sachin Venkatesh          6              6          

Cormac Kenny                 1            1


2nd Singles          Rowan Schwartzwald      5            1

Thomas Folsom              7            6


3rd Singles          Henry Tao                         3              0

Lorenzo Ferrari                6            6


1st Doubles         Se Jun Kim, Nolan Barry               2              6

Yming Sun, Nicholas Garneau    6              2            (10-7)                                 


2nd Doubles        Oliver Weiss, Ale’ Atkins               6              3            5

Jesse Lissaur, Mason Keene       2              6            7

  Senior Captain Sachin Venkatesh`18 was dominant in his match at 1st singles winning 6-1, 6,0.  Rowan Schwartzwald`19 showed a lot of grit in the first set of his match.   He started down 2-5 and was able to battle his way back to 5-5, but unfortunately just missed forcing a tiebreaker by winning a 6th game and fell 5-7 instead.   Henry Tao`18 played some long points with his opponent at third singles, but ultimately fell 3-6, 0-6.  Se Jun Kim`18 and Nolan Barry`20 had a back and forth match at first doubles, winning the first set 6-2, and losing the second set 2-6.  They played a ten point tiebreaker instead of playing a full third set, which the lost 7-10.  Oliver Weiss`19 and Ale’ Atkins`20 played an exciting match at second doubles.  They led early on, winning the first set 6-2.  They faltered slightly in the second set, losing it 3-6 thus forcing a third set.  There were a number of intense rallies and games to deuce, but unfortunately they lost the final set 5-7.  The next two practices will be spent preparing for our next match with Gould Academy in Bethel Maine, which will take place Saturday the 28th at 2pm.