Emily Merrigan Roig ’98, “Be present. ‘Trust the process’. Life is BIG! This is a moment. Open up to it. Jump in.”

Emily Merrigan Roig '98

This week we have the pleasure of not only catching up with, but also wishing this alum a very Happy Birthday! Emily Merrigan Roig ’98 has brought her enthusiasm and problem solving savvy to the Hospitality Industry in Maine, Connecticut, Maryland, Florida and New York. Emily and her family have now found their way back to Hyde and we COULD NOT be more thrilled! Emily is the woman behind all of our events, having accepted the Hyde Event Coordinator position this past summer. From firsthand experience, we can tell you Emily is truly a beautiful soul and we could not be happier to have her on our team. Thank you for sharing your story Emily!

Describe your career path.

I attended Pine Manor College in Chestnut Hill, just outside of Boston. My years as a dedicated Hyde athlete had inspired an interest in Sports Management and Communications. Though college life in Boston was the dream of many, life “out there” was calling. I bid farewell to Massachusetts in 1999 and embarked on a self-discovery tour up and down the East Coast for the next ten years. I explored a variety of opportunities in Maine, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Florida and New York with one foot continuously planted in the Hospitality Industry throughout my travels. The industry suits me; ever changing, fast paced and rooted in the love of creating an experience and taking care of people. From the Hilton to the Ritz Carlton and beyond my varied positions have given me such a great ability to see the bigger picture. I was the Dining Room Manager at Fore Street in Portland, Maine when I met my now husband. We were married in February 2012 and welcomed our son, Wilder, that June. After nearly five seasons at Primo in Rockland, Maine, we left the coast and headed inland. I began searching again for a professional position in which I could be part of an organization that shared my beliefs and where I would be able to continue to grow as a person while simultaneously supporting my family. I had no idea what a tall order this was. During my search, I wrote a letter to Laura Gauld and asked that she let me know if ever there was an opportunity that called for my experience at Hyde. Nearly 8 months later, here I am. Thrilled to be back as the Event Coordinator for the school. It just goes to show, you never know unless you ask.

Which word or principle has stayed with you the most?

Courage. To me this word sits on the top of the Hyde Word/Principal flow chart. It takes courage to know, accept and embrace your truth. It takes courage to have humility. It takes courage to listen to your conscience. It takes courage to hold those around you to their best. Courage for me is not necessarily about being brave, rather it is more stepping out of what is comfortable, knowing that this is the only way we ever really grow.

Which teacher(s) had a particular impact?

Pam Bertschy was the first faculty I ever met. She did my interview in 1994. Her strength and no nonsense approach could be felt as soon as I stepped into her office. I never would have imagined that she and I would become so close. By the time I was in my senior year I knew that she pushed me so hard because she saw my potential. She pushed me in class, on the court and in Performing Arts. There are a million moments in my time growing up with Bertschy that I could write about; she truly changed my life as a young woman. And Bragg. Tom Bragg was my first Discovery Group leader. Again, another incredibly strong, insightful, straight shooter that pushed you hard because he truly cared about you. My relationship with Bragg was such an important part of my time here as my own father was not involved.

I am so glad that both Pam and Tom are still Hyde. They are truly some of the greats. I am eternally thankful for these relationships and their impact on my life.

What advice might you give to a Hyde student?

 “Sometimes we make the process more complicated than we need to. We will never make a journey of a thousand miles by fretting about how long it will take or how hard it will be. We make the journey by taking each day systematically and then repeating it repeatedly until we reach our destination.” Joseph B. Wirthlin

Be present. “Trust the process”. Life is BIG!  This is a moment. Open up to it. Jump in. Whether you love it right now or wish there was a different way, let down your guard, pick your head up and take it all in. There are not a lot of places like this.