Storm Update 10/30/17

Dear Hyde Community,

Last night, the campus was hit with hurricane force winds of 75 mph and heavy rain. We had battened down for the evening and woke up to major tree damage around the campus. The students were kept in the dorm for the morning while crews and essential personnel worked to clear the campus of the major tree damage. Currently, the two female dormitories and several faculty houses are without power.

Our plan is to have a brunch this morning and spend the day studying and having practice in the gym. We are assessing if the girls will need to sleep in alternate quarters tonight and there are areas that we are blocking off to students until we know them to be safe.

The Hyde spirit of “Happy to Do It” is evident as faculty and staff who were able to get to campus have worked to clean up and move forward. Despite the storm, we are fortunate that the damage was not more extensive and look forward to being back in full operation by tomorrow.

Laura Gauld signature



Laura D. Gauld
Head of School