Wolfpack Football Takes a Bite Out of The Huskies, 36-8

Hyde School-36

Kent’s Hill School-8

The Varsity Football team traveled north to take on the Huskies of Kent’s Hill Saturday.  The Pack got off to a really quick start with Jake Vasapolli 18′ connecting with Jeremiah Barr 18′ on a 45 yard touchdown pass on just the third play from scrimmage.  After a Huskies fumble on the following kickoff and another three play’s it was deja vu with another Vasapolli pass to Barr and with two two point conversions by Pajebo Myers 18′  the Pack was up 16 nothing three minutes into the game.

This gave the team tremendous confidence that would lift our defense into having a tremendous day including a interception for a touchdown making it his third in just two quarters by Jeremiah Barr 18′.  The defense lead by Quinton Felder 18′, Max Hewitt 18, Noah Lazerus 18′, Robert Heatherman 18′, Ipp Georgiadas 18′ and Charlie Kashivous 18′ who all combined with 9 sacks, two interception’s and a blocked punt.  One of the best performances I have seen in my coaching career.

Jake Vasapolli 18′ would finish up the day with 260 yards passing and 4 touchdown passes, while Pajebo Myers 18′ quietly had two receptions for 85 yards and two touchdowns,  The pack wasn’t perfect but they sure worked hard at trying to be which is what our goal this year is to get better every day.  Please come out and support the wolfpack this Saturday as they travel to Hebron Maine to try and cut down the Lumberjacks of Hebron academy at 2pm.


Vasapolli, Jake 18′-Game Ball
Barr Jeremiah 18′- Hard Hat Triple H for the week (Heart, Hustle and Honor)
Georgiadis,Ipp 18′-Hammer award