Two Wins for Wolfpack Boys Varsity Soccer vs Rocky Hill, WIlliams

Hyde School:     7
Rocky Hill:         3

The Boys Varsity Soccer team traveled to Rocky Hill School in East Greenwich, Rhode Island on Friday to play in the Soccerfest Tournament.  The Friday afternoon game was against the hosting team Rock Hill.  Rocky Hill scored the first goal just 2 minutes into the match.  Cooper Felt`19 countered a minute later to tie it up.  Post Graduate Maulid Abdow scored his first of three on the day, to make it 2-1 at the half.

Seven minutes into the second half, Ale’ Atkins`19 crossed a ball into left central midfielder Jed Danforth`19 who scored on a nice volley.  Two minutes later the opposing team scored a PK awarded for a foul commuted in the box.  In the 52nd Minute Ale’ Atkins`19 scored off a Cooper Felt`19 assist.  Three minutes later, PG Maulid Abdow notched one on a 1v1 goal.  With just over 13 minutes remaining in the match, Derrick Rwikangura`19 found the back of the net.   Rocky Hill scored their third goal on a corner kick late in the game.

Other noteworthy play came for Goal Keeper PG Stephen Waddill who made a save on a PK in the second half.  Also, some great defensive work from Zuri Campbell`19 at outside right fullback contributed to the win.


Hyde School: 5
Williams:  2

The Wolfpack played The Williams School on Saturday morning for the second match of Soccerfest.  Cooper Felt`19 scored on the kickoff with a perfectly placed shot from half field.  Midfielder Derrick Rwikangura`19 hit a long one from just outside the box to the right to make it 2-0 in the 11th minute.  PG Mwesa Mulonda scored an unassisted goal in the 28th minute.  This was followed by PG Maulid Abdow scoring on a Jed Danforth`19 assist.  With just under two minutes remaining in the half, Williams scored with a penalty kick which was awarded for a handball in the box by a Hyde defender.

The fifth Wolfpack goal resulted when Jed Danforth`19 crossed a shot in from the left side.  The ball rung the crossbar and PG Brooks Doll finished it off the rebound.  Williams scored their second goal on a corner kick late in the game.

Other notable play came from Altug Yilmaz`18 who played as a defender and Will Duerr`18 at center back.  This was a great result for this newly formed team.

Coach Smith