Wolfpack Boys Varsity Soccer Season Begins

Berwick Jamboree Saturday Sept. 9th

Hyde School: 3
Berwick: 5
The boys played two 60 minute scrimmages at the Berwick Jamboree. The first was against host school Berwick Academy. They scored 3 goals in the first half. Hyde’s Post Grad Mwesa Mulonda scored one to make it 3-1 at the break. Six minutes into the second half Post Grad Brooks Doll scored on a header that deflected off a defender and into the goal, Mulonda scored his second of the game to tie it with 14 minutes remaining. However, Berwick countered with two quick goals at the end.

Hyde School: 1
Holderness: 2
The Holderness School scored one goal in the first half. Followed by another at the start of the second half of play. Post Graduate Mwesa Mulonda scored on a pretty chip shot from half field to bring in within one, where it would stay for the remainder.

These Scrimmages were a great way for the team to start to find their way. It was an opportunity for players to start to develop some chemistry with each other and for the coaches to evaluate the strengths of the players in game like conditions. The experience was a very positive one for everyone involved.

Bowdoin JV Scrimmage Monday Sept. 11th

Hyde School: 0
Bowdoin JV: 4
The Squad traveled to Brunswick to play a scrimmage with Bowdoin College JV on Monday. They scored 3 goals in the first half of play and a fourth in the second to shut out the Wolfpack. This scrimmage rounded out the preseason and served as an opportunity for players to square off with older and skilled players before starting the season matches. It was a great experience for the newly formed varsity group.

Hebron Academy Wednesday Sept. 13th

Hyde School: 0
Hebron: 9
The Hyde Wolfpack traveled to Hebron Academy for the first regular season game on Wednesday. The Hebron Lumberjacks were dominant in this one. The Wolfpack never really found their form on the large natural grass pitch against this talented team. This was a tough way for the season to start. The score notwithstanding, it was still an opportunity for the team to start to gel. Clearly there is a lot to work on, but as a team there is a lot to work with. The coaches are confident that the boys will find their form and compete at a higher level with this team when they see them again at the end of the season.

Coach Smith