Shawn O’Connor, Art Faculty

Faculty member Shawn O'Connor

Shawn O’Connor is in his second year teaching at Hyde. He is 36 and from Minot, Maine. He has an MFA from Syracuse University and his BFA from University of Southern Maine.

Here at Hyde he teaches Foundations in Art, Ceramics, Woodworking, and AP Art. He says that he has always had a natural affinity for art, and loves the subject matter. His teachers were a huge influence on him and his artistic career growing up, and that is why he wanted to become an art teacher– to have the same impact on the next generation of artists.

Mr. O’Connor has also taught art at the college level at Syracuse University, St. Lawrence University, and the University of North Dakota.

When asked about teaching at Hyde, he says that teaching at Hyde goes beyond just the classroom. It happens on the sports field, in the dorm, in the dining hall, and in Discovery Groups. “You are able to build a relationship with students here on a deeper level,” he says. “I also see the flaws in our current achievement-based educational system and was intrigued by the character and effort-based approach that Hyde School has adopted.”

His favorite art form to teach is ceramics. This is the area in which he creates his personal artwork. Hence he has both a deep connection and passion for this area. You can view his personal artwork on his website at

When asked what he thinks Hyde offers to students who want to pursue art, he says that, “Hyde offers a diverse range of classes that specialize in different artistic practices, taught by professional artists in their own right. Having an entire year to explore and practice a specific medium, students are able to refine their craftsmanship and deeply explore a specific area.”