Phoenix Tennis vs Gould Academy

Hyde School: 1
Gould:  4

1st Singles:          Nolan Barry                     1            0              (loss)

Wyman Ward                  6            6


2nd Singles:         Able Kaplan                      1            1            (loss)

Yuseke Ohga                    6            6


3rd Singles:         Henry Tao                         6            6              (win)

Harry Zhu                         4            4


1st Doubles:        Se Jun Kim, Rosalynn Bragg          2              5            (loss)

Pablo Borunda, Jaxon Wroe        6              6


2nd Doubles:       Samantha Wisdon, Parris Thompson          2            2            (loss)

Sam Tweekale, Ian Chen                               6            6

The Phoenix traveled to Bethel Maine to play the second of two regular season matches with Gould Academy.  Nolan Barry`20 did a nice job of playing a competitive match against a strong opponent.  He didn’t win the match, but had many long points and made every effort to win each point.  Able Kaplan`20 also played hard, but was out gunned by a skilled and fundamentally strong opponent.  Henry Tao`18 made his debut as a singles player.  He played a great match winning 6-4, 6-4.  Rosalynn Bragg`19 and Se Jun Kim`18 struggled to get going in the first set, but charged back in the second, nearly forcing a third set.  Samantha Wisdom`19 and Parris Thompson`18 made their debut at second doubles.  They showed impressive composure during their first match.  Even when down in terms of games won, they played each point in a manner that indicated they wanted to win.  Our next match is on Saturday May 6th at Kents Hill School.