Phoenix Tennis Falls to Kents Hill 0-5

Hyde School:     0
Kents Hill:          5

Kents Hill School traveled to Bath for a match with the Phoenix on Wednesday.   The contest was held in the Joseph W. Gauld Athletic Center on Wednesday afternoon.

1st Singles:          Nolan Barry                      2                   0              (loss)

Christian Cuntze              6            6

2nd Singles:         Able Kaplan                         1            0            (loss)

Cormac Kenny                 6            6

3rd Singles:         Brynn Van Dorn                2              1            (loss)

Louis Lemay                     6            6

1st Doubles:        Se Jun Kim, Henry Tao                    2            2           (loss)

Clay Ellerbrock, Nils Janson              6            6

2nd Doubles:       Rosalynn Bragg, Teddy Hickey                 0            0            (loss)

Jaxon Friedman, John Chimpoulis                       6            6

As can be seen by the line scores from this contest, it was a tough match in terms of wins.  However, that is not to say it wasn’t a positive experience.  In situations like this, where players are out gunned from a skills standpoint, it is important to make the most of it.  From the top of the line up to the bottom, our team did just that.  Many games went to deuce during the course of play and there were numerous points which were decided after long rallies.  Though the team was not terribly competitive on the score card, they were competitive in spirit.  It was an opportunity to develop and improve skill.  Our next match is Saturday April 29th in Bethel Maine with Gould Academy at 2:00.

Coach Smith