Wolfpack Track & Field vs Wheeler, Bancroft

Hyde at Wheeler School with Bancroft

April 19th, 2017


Boy’s Score          Girl’s Score

Hyde School        164                        24

Wheeler                56                         80

Bancroft                3                           43

The track team took a trip to Wheeler’s facilities on a very bitter, windy, afternoon.  Despite the challenging conditions both teams did extremely well and maintained positive attitudes.  The boys remain undefeated after their last victories over KO, WMA, and Pomfret.  This time they dominated the competition with Wheeler in second place down by 108 points and Bancroft 161 behind.  The boys swept the high jump placing 1st through 4th with great jumping from Teddy St. Louis, Dan Murray, Victor Wright and Mehki McCray.    The same was true in long jump with Khalil Johnson’s first place finish followed by Dan Murray, Altug Yilmaz, and Miles Li.  Khalil and Dan came back again to take first and second in the triple jump.  The throwers saw similar results nearly sweeping the javelin, disc, and shot.  In the Jav, Altug Yilmaz took fist followed by Noah Lazurus in second and Ippokratis Georgiadis in 4th place.  In the disc it was Sean Conigliaro, Noah, and Victor in first through third.  In shot it was Noah, Victor, and Ipp finishing in first, second, and fourth.

The boys success in field continued on the track with a clean sweep of the 3000m by Andrew West, Harry Liu, Tom Huang, and Roy Pan.  Omar Raddoui took first in the high hurdles followed by Long Mai in second and then came back to take second in the intermediate hurdles followed by West in third.  Other athletes who put points on the boards were Carlos Wang with 4th in the 200m.  Teddy St. Louis and  Eric Chu in the 100m with second and fourth, and Andrew West in second in the 1500.  The 4×400 team closed the day off with points in second place going thanks to Khalil Johnson, Mehki McCray, Andrew West, and Derrick Rwikangura.  Overall a very impressive performance.  The athletes willingness to patch in to events they were new at, and push their boundaries by competing in several events was central to the victory.

The girls team utilized the same work ethic and coachability to pick up points in their meet.  Dairy Rojas and Elsa Zhang picked up second and fourth in the shot put.  Coco Cai grabbed a third in the discus.  Georgia Horelick picked up a first in Jav followed by Elsa in second.  Autumn and Zakaiiyah took first and second in the intermediate hurdles and Vivian Yu toughed out the 3000m to take a third place there completing their scoring performances.Their athletic performances, and some very positive attitudes, give both teams a lot to be proud of.

We look forward to hosting our first meet this season against MacDuffie, Pomfret, and PCD.  I look forward to seeing everyone out at the track this Saturday at 1:30pm.