Phoenix Tennis vs Hebron Academy

Hyde School: 0

Hebron Academy: 5

Hebron Academy traveled to Bath to play the first of two MAISAD matches this season.  The contest was held in the Joseph W. Gauld Athletic Center on Wednesday afternoon.

1st Singles:          John Westmoreland       2              3              (loss)

Pablo Serrano                  6            6

2nd Singles:         Nolan Barry                      1            3            (loss)

AJ Meo                             6            6

3rd Singles:         Able Kaplan                      3            2            (loss)

Freddy Hohmann            6            6

1st Doubles:        Se Jun Kim, Henry Tao       4              3           (loss)

Ryan Caggiano,Madhurane Muthukumaraswany      6              6

2nd Doubles:       Rosalynn Bragg, Brynn Van Dorn                   0            0            (loss)

Masataka Mita, Delano Brown                 6            6

John Westmoreland`17 played a match with his opponent that was marked by long points and a high level of play.  His opponent was more consistent with his successful shot placement and lack of unforced errors.  John got in a hole early in the second set 0-3 and was able to win games to end the set 3-6.  Nolan Barry`20 lost his first set 1-6.  However, he made some nice changes in his strategy and was more successful in the second set playing to 3-4 midway through it, but ultimately dropped the second set 3-6.  Able Kaplan`20 had many long points with his opponent, but had difficulty returning his strong serve.  Se Jun Kim`18 and Henry Tao`17 looked like they might win the first set, but lost key points at inopportune times to fall 4-6.  They battled in the second set, but were unable to force a third set.  Rosalynn Bragg`19 and Brynn Van Dorn`19 never found their stride falling 0-6, 0-6 in their match.

This was a tough outcome for the team.  The Phoenix were clearly out-skilled by the Lumberjacks.  However, from 1st singles through 2nd doubles, all players  represented themselves well.  They played each game with the intention of winning it and displayed good sportsmanship throughout.  Our next match is Saturday April 22nd at home with Gould Academy.

Coach Smith