Tough Loss to Berwick for Phoenix Tennis

Hyde School: 0

Berwick Academy:5

Hyde Tennis traveled to South Berwick Maine to play Berwick Academy in a Scrimmage on Friday.  The match was played indoors due to poor weather.

1st Singles:          John Westmoreland       4            1              (loss)

Jack Byers                         6            6


2nd Singles:         Nolan Barry                      0            7              3            (loss)

Chad Thut                        6            5              6


3rd Singles:         Able Kaplan                     1              2            (loss)

Jake Donoghue                6            6


1st Doubles:        Se Jun Kim, Henry Tao                  4              1            (loss)

Zach Greenspan, Toby Larkin      6              6


2nd Doubles:       Rosalynn Bragg, Parris Thompson              1            1            (loss)

Nick Larkin, Tyler Van Etten                      6            6


John Westmoreland`17, like many of his teammates, struggled to shake off the bus ride and possibly the effects of long matches two days prior.  He went down in the first set 0-3, but managed to come back to win a total of 4 games.  However, it was not meant to be on this day.  His opponent shut the door on him in the second set 6-0.  Nolan Barry`20  also was slow to find his grove, losing the first set without taking a game.  However, he rallied in the second set with some impressive tenacity, winning it 7-5.  The third set was a battle that could have gone to either player, but ultimately the Berwick player edged him out.  Able Kaplan`20 played a long match with a skilled 3rd singles opponent.  Many games went to deuce and there were many long points.  The score of the match doesn’t impart the closeness in competitive play between the two opponents.  Se Jun Kim`17 and Henry Tao`17 had a strong first set winning 4 games.  However, their opponents level of consistency and ability to keep the ball in play won out.  Rosalynn Bragg`19 and Parris Thompson`18 had moments of competitive play in the 2nd doubles match, but fell to their more skilled opponents.

This was a tough result after a strong performance in the last match.  It was a good opportunity learn the importance of properly warming-up, both from a physical standpoint, but also mentally as well.  Tennis is a strongly skills based sport, but mental toughness and competitive spirit play a big role as well.  Hopefully this can be used as a learning opportunity.  Our next  competition is on Wednesday April 12th at Home with Hebron Academy at 2:45pm.