Phoenix Tennis vs Fryeburg Academy

Hyde School: 4
Fryeburg Academy
: 1

Fryeburg Academy traveled to Bath for the first Tennis competition of the season.  The match was played in the Joseph W. Gauld Athletic Center on Wednesday afternoon.

1st Singles:          John Westmoreland       5              7(7-5)   7(7-5)   (WIN)

Harry Yan                         7            6              6


2nd Singles:         Nolan Barry                     6            3              4            (LOSS)

Kevin Kim                        1            6              6


3rd Singles:         Able Kaplan                     7            (7-5)                        (WIN)

Gary Gao                         5


1st Doubles:        Se Jun Kim, Teddy Hickey                          6            6            (WIN)

Edwin Young, Harry Wang                         1            1


2nd Doubles:       Rosalynn Bragg, Brynn Van Dorn              6            6            (WIN)

Charlie Chen, Jack Lin                                 1            4


Rosalynn Bragg`19 and Brynn Van Dorn`19 posted the first win of the season.  They won the first set easily, but had to maintain focus in the second to secure the win.  Nolan Barry`20 had a three-setter with his opponent at 2nd singles.  He was dominant in the first set, but lost the second set forcing a third.  The third set was more competitive than the score may indicate with many long rallies and deuce games; the set could have gone to either player.  Se Jun Kim`18 and Teddy Hickey`18 had a strong outing beating their opponents in two sets, giving up only two games.  John Westmoreland`17 had the match of the day at 1st  singles.  It was apparent from the onset that the two players matched up well.  John lost the first set in a close one at 5-7.  However, he made a few minor adjustments in the second.   Many games went to deuce and both players managed to win key points at key times to keep it close.  Through determination and grit, he managed to win the second set in a 7-5 tiebreaker to force a third set.  Early in the third, John got in a hole,  going down 0-3.  He kept his head and slowly clawed his way back to even.  Again, many games were long due to extended rallies and deuce play.  Both player kept grinding along with John forcing the tiebreaker which he won 7-5 after more than 3 hours of play.  Able Kaplan`20 notched his first win of the season at 3rd singles.  He battled the in the first set to win it 7-5.  Due to the lateness of the hour, and the fact that the outcome of his match wouldn’t change the overall result of the contest, he played a tiebreaker as a second set.  He won this in a close one at 7-5.

This was a great result for the team.  All the players, from top to bottom of the lineup, played with heart and determination.  Sportsmanship was top notch as well.  The next match is on Friday April 7th at 3:30pm at Berwick Academy.