Wolfpack Indoor Track Results @ Northbridge, Tantasqua, Phillips & Governor’s Academy

Hyde Indoor @ Northbridge Regional High


Scores:  Hyde vs. Oxford, Hyde vs. Northbridge, Hyde vs. Uxbridge Hyde vs. Notre Dame

The Hyde Indoor Track team traveled to Northbridge High School in Whitinsville, MA for their first competition of the season. Amongst the nine schools competing, Hyde was matched up against Northbridge, Uxbridge, Notre Dame, and Oxford. Senior Victor Wright ’17 was the leading point scorer for the Wolfpack scoring a 1st place finish in the shot put (3rd overall) and a 4th place finish in the high jump (6th overall). First year throwers, Noah Lazarus ’18 and Andrew Basil ’17, were able to shake off some first meet jitters and continued to compete as the competition progressed. Sam Song ’18 demonstrated great effort finishing the 50 yard dash after stumbling out of the blocks. Ryan Wang ’18 placed in the top half of the mile and 600 overall showing a great will to succeed and mental toughness. Brooks Doll ’17 took a first shot at racing in the 300m and hung in there.  He didn’t yet have the fitness to come back for the 1000m but we’ll build towards that goal this season. The surprise of the meet came from Steven Merritt ’20 who was the leading freshman runner in the 300m placing 13th overall. With plenty of room for improvement, the team heads into winter break with a much clearer idea of the competition and what they can achieve as the season progresses. The Wolfpack will travel back to Northbridge H.S. on January 11th to face Millbury, Southbridge, Grafton, and Auburn.  



Hyde Indoor @ Northbridge Regional High


Scores:  Hyde 5 vs. Auburn 81, Hyde 8 vs. Grafton 76,

Hyde 10.50 vs. Millbury 74.50, Hyde 32 vs. Southbridge 49

The Hyde Indoor Track team traveled to Northbridge High School for their second competition of the season. After a couple weeks off for winter break, the Wolfpack got back to training, setting their eyes on continuing to sprint faster, throw farther, and jump higher. Senior Victor Wright ’17 placed 6th overall as he continues to improve and refine his technique in the shot put. Victor also helped the Wolfpack earn points in the high jump as he continues to improve his run-up. Newcomer Reese Norton ’17 placed 8th overall after only one week of practice demonstrated his incredible will to compete. Junior Noah Lazarus ’18 improved his mark on the season by almost four feet throwing 31.04 ft. Senior Andrew Basil ’17 also improved by over six feet throwing 26.10 ft., along with fouling a much farther throw. Senior Long Mai ’17 demonstrated a fearless attitude competing in the 50 yard hurdles after just a few practices. Junior Sam Song ’18 competed in the 50 yard dash improving his time on the season to 6:80 sec. Junior Ryan Wang ’18 displayed an inner ability to compete as he doubled in the mile and 600m finishing 6:09:70 and 1:59:60 respectively. Freshman Steven Merritt ’20 competed in the 300m finishing the race in 47:80sec while also running 3:58:30sec in the 1000m. Senior Brooks Doll ’17 competed well in his first 1000m of the season finishing 13th overall with a time of 3:16:40sec. The team demonstrated a higher level of meet preparation and teamwork which helped elevate their will to succeed and ability to compete. The Wolfpack will travel to Tantasqua H.S. in Sturbridge, MA next Wednesday to compete against Bartlett, David Prouty, Leicester, Marianapolis, Tantasqua, Woodstock, and Bay Path.


Hyde Indoor Track @ Tantasqua Regional High


Scores:  Hyde 17 vs. Bartlett 67, Hyde 16 vs. Bay Path 70, Hyde 34 vs. David Prouty 46, Hyde 42 vs. Leicester 24, Hyde 38 vs. Marianapolis 21, Hyde 10 vs. Tantasqua 76, Hyde 28.50 vs. Woodstock 42.50

The Hyde Indoor Track team traveled to Tantasqua High School for their third competition of the season. Amongst the seven schools Hyde was competing against, the Wolfpack managed to get their first win of the season against Leicester High School and regional rival Marianapolis. The Wolfpack started the meet strong with Victor Wright ‘17 throwing a season-best 41-04 ft., claiming second overall by a mere half inch. Reese Norton ‘17 threw 35-02 ft. as he continues to improve his glide technique. Noah Lazarus ‘18 progressed to 33-04 ft., improving in each meet of the season. Victor Wright ‘17 placed 7th overall in the high jump as he continues to develop his ability to compete at a high level in two events. Long Mai ‘17 earned a first place finish in the 55 meter hurdles against Marianapolis helping the Wolfpack secure valuable points. Reese Norton ‘17 earned 11th overall in the 55 meter dash while Sam Song ‘18 continues to show great improvement driving out of the blocks. Fighting a shoulder injury, Ryan Wang ‘18 improved his personal-record in the mile by over six seconds. In his first 300 meter dash of the season, Reese Norton ‘17 managed to place 9th overall, running a time of 45.00 sec while demonstrating a great will to succeed. In the 1000 meter run, Brooks Doll ‘17 showed a greater level of poise and determination running to a 5th place finish and a personal-record. The Wolfpack supported each other as each member of the team inched closer to their personal goals on the way to a team victory. The Hyde Indoor Track team will next compete on February 1 at Andover High School.


Hyde Indoor Track @ Phillips Academy


Scores:  Phillips Academy 133, Governor’s Academy 37, Wilbraham & Monson Academy 41

Hyde 10, Marianapolis 7
The Hyde Indoor Track team traveled to Phillips Academy in Andover, MA for their fourth meet of the year. This time, the Wolfpack competed against fellow private schools in a dual-meet style competition falling to the larger schools but ultimately securing fourth place over Marianapolis. The meet started with Victor Wright ‘17 securing 3rd place with a throw of 40’ 6’’. Andrew Basil ‘17 and Noah Lazarus ‘18  both continued to improve on their season marks by throwing 25’6’’ and 34’5’’ respectively. Competing in his first meet of the season, Nate McGill ‘19 threw 31’4’’, improving with each throw. Sam Song ‘18 placed 4th in the 50 yard dash running 6.90 sec. Sam also competed in the two-mile run demonstrating great courage and willingness to help the team any way possible. Ryan Wang ‘17 ran both the 600 yard dash in 1.44.35 and the mile in 6.01.23. Steven Merritt ‘19 competed in the 300 yard dash running a time of 42.60 sec. Long Mai ‘17 and Nate McGill ‘19 battled in both the 50 yard hurdles and long jump. The competition was fierce and the two teammates pushed each other to do their best. McGill finished 5th place in the hurdles running a time of 7.11.07 sec while Long ran a time of 12.12 sec. Both competitors competed in the long jump for the first time in their careers. McGill jumped 11’17’’ and Long leaped to 9’8’’. On a tight indoor track and against great competition, Brooks Doll ran a technically sound 1000 yard race to finish 4th place with a time of 2.51.76. The Hyde Indoor Track team will wrap up it’s competitive season this Wednesday at Governor’s Academy in Byfield, MA.

Hyde Indoor Track @ Governor’s Academy


Scores:  Phillips Andover Academy 72.5, Phillips Exeter Academy 49.5, Governor’s Academy 25, Hyde 6
The Hyde Indoor Track team traveled to Governor’s Academy in Byfield, MA for their last meet of the winter season. The Wolfpack spent the season training hard and developing their skills as athletes. Noah Lazarus ‘18 led off the meet for the Wolfpack earning a 4th place finish in the shot put with a huge personal record of 36’10’’. Noah has improved steadily each meet since throwing 27’06.25’’ at the beginning of the year. Nate McGill ‘19 placed 6th throwing 32’03.5’’.  Andrew Basil ‘17 threw his best throw of the season with a mark of 27’06’’, throwing 7 feet further than he did in the first meet. Next up were the running events starting with the one mile run where Ryan Wang ‘18 ran to a 6.00.04 finish. In the 50 meter dash, Sam Song ‘18 ran a time of 7.10 sec after a tough week of practice. Steven Merritt ‘20 ran the 300 meter dash in a time of 44.40 sec, a personal record. Long Mai ‘17 earned a 5th place finish in the 50 meter hurdles earning the team a point. Brooks Doll ‘17 competed against some good division 1 talent running a personal best in the 1000 meter run with a time of 3:10.50. The Wolfpack close their season with much larger goals in sight. As the focus shifts towards the spring, the Wolfpack will continue to improve individually in order for the team to have success during outdoor