Wolfpack Girls JV Team vs Swansea

Hyde: 2

BCA: 29

Monday the girls JV basketball team traveled to Swansea, MA in their first game of the season. Lots of nerves and anxiety about playing their game the girls struggled to find their pace. Lacking the skill level to move the ball up the court with the pressure of a full-court press, Hyde continued to find difficulty getting the ball out of their defensive half. At the half Hyde was behind 1-15 looking at their lack of trust in teammates to find open passes and fully working as a team. Taking the court for the second half, the team struggled to find passes to benefit their progress and use the full potential of their teammates. It was a tough loss for the team coming away with 2-29, the only points from two foul shots from Tori Luo ’18. Great effort was made by Elsa Zhang ’17, Claudia Salhaney ’18, Jasmine Lam ’19,  and Lauren Leask’18.