Tough Loss for Wolfpack Girls Varsity to Williams, 31-39

January 18, 2017

Hyde-Woodstock – 31

Williams School – 39

Hyde traveled to the beautiful campus of Connecticut College which is where the Williams School is located.  This was the team’s first game in a couple of weeks due to cancellations.  Williams pressed the entire game which wore Hyde down.  Even so Woodstock stayed close and fought back with some easy buckets of their own.  Both Dairy Rojas ’19 and Daisy Humsey ’17 were very active and accurate with their lay-ups in the first half.  Woodstock outscored Williams in the second half but it was not enough to overtake the other team.  The team had the most balanced scoring of the season with five out of the eight students contributing to the bottom line.  Hyde travels to Wooster on Saturday for their next game.

The scoring was as follows; Dairy Rojas ’19 6-2-14, Daisy Humsey ’17 3-1-7, Tori Luo ’18 2-0-4, Lauren Leask ’18 2-0-4, Claudia Salhany ’18 1-0-2,