Wolfpack Wrestlers Open Season @ Suffield

The Hyde-Woodstock varsity wrestlers traveled to nearby Suffield, CT this past weekend to face off against Loomis Chaffee, Williston Northampton, and the host school.  With a team of new wrestlers, it was the first live action for many young athletes after only three days of practice.

Hyde-Woodstock: 24
Loomis Chaffee: 48

Our team opened up against Loomis, a team that has dominated the Class A’s for several years.  The energy was high and many wrestlers were nervous for this opening match.  Tony Mao ’17 earned the team six points after his opponent was disqualified for four technical violations.  Aaron Douek ’17 wrestled tough in his match, earning a pin even though he was down points after the first period.  Ian Cooke ’19 earned a swift pin in the first period and displayed a toughness we have yet to see.  All the wrestlers worked hard, but due to lack of experience, several fell to more technically sound opponents.  A highlight was in the two exhibition matches wrestled at the conclusion of the event.  New student Hunter Bounds ’19 displayed some real heart and earned a pin against his opponent.  Also, team captain Alex Sobel ’17 earned a quick pin against his opponent in the 160lb weight class.  With some of the nerves settled, we set our sights on the next match up for the day.

Hyde-Woodstock: 12
Williston Northampton: 48

The second match of the day was against Williston, a school that has been building a solid program over the past four years.  With several fourth year wrestlers, Williston posed a much larger challenge than anticipated.  All of the Wolfpack would fall to their opponents and we would only earn our points through forfeits at the 106 and 285lb weight classes.  One highlight was the exhibition match with team captain Josh Angel (PG) ’17.  He would quickly dispatch of his opponent who was over 300lbs.  The match up against Williston was an important one for the team since it allowed for both coaches and wrestlers to see some deficits in our ability.  In particular we are weak on the bottom and we need to get more “gas in the tank.”

Hyde-Woodstock: 12
Suffield Academy: 48

The final match of the day was against the host school, Suffield Academy.  After a tumultuous year for the Tigers, they have reestablished a strong program under their new coach.  Our match against them was similar to the previous match, in which our inexperience worked against us.  We would again rely on forfeits at the 106 and 160lb weight class to earn the 12 team points.  Two standouts occurred at the heavyweight level.  Ian Cooke ’19 showed no fear against Suffield’s nationally ranked heavyweight.  Although Ian lost, his heart and determination in the match were worth noting.  Josh Angel (PG) ’17 faced the same opponent in an exhibition and lost by pin, but came out fast and hard against him, earning an early take down.  Josh will go a long way this season, but his conditioning will be of utmost importance.

Although the day was not one in which we rang the victory bell, it was one in which we learned a great deal about ourselves.  The team is young and inexperienced, but this is matched by a positive attitude and toughness.  A great attitude goes a long way in the sport of wrestling.  Attitude wins matches as technical skill increases.  As long as we keep our heads and spirits up, this is looking to be a great season for the Wolfpack.  We will be traveling this upcoming Wednesday to Northfield Mount Hermon where we will face off against Worcester and the host school.  We will hopefully fill out our ranks a bit more when Josh Angel ’17, Alex Sobel ’17, Georgia Horelick ’17 and Ben Damschroder ’17 are officially entered into the team roster.  Wish us luck!

Coach Jenkins & Coach Labeef

Wolfpack Wrestling: “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”