Tough Loss for Phoenix Boys V Team vs Hebron

Hyde School: 0 – Hebron Academy: 5

Hebron Academy traveled to Bath on Friday to play the final regular season MAISAD match.  The game was played under clear cool conditions on the turf field.

The Hyde team played very well in the first half.  For this match they employed a 4-5-1 formation.  Connor Gray`17 was the lone striker up top.  Jason Filios`17 played on the left wing, Jed Danforth`19 and Serge Mudogo`18 were central midfielders, Riley Andrews`17 was on the right wing and PG Zach Hambleton was at holding defensive center midfield position.  The defensive unit of; Will Duerr`18 at left fullback, Captain PG Dylan Budd and PG Brandon Nelson as central defenders and Scott O’Brien`17 at right fullback did a nice job of keeping the opponent from scoring for most of the first half.  Captain Greg Kidger`17 played an outstanding first half, making some impressive saves at keeper.  However, the opposition notched one in the 15th minute.  The Hyde boys continued to play hard and were able to hold the score to 0-1 at halftime.

Both teams continued to play hard during the second half.  Unfortunately, the Hebron team was able to find ways score in spite of the Phoenix best efforts.  They managed 4 more goals before regulation time elapsed.

This was a tough game against a really strong opponent.  The team played them much more competitively than the last time we faced them.  The effort and competitive spirit was commendable.  The boys didn’t quit in the face of challenging odds.  They lost the game, but played well.  We will be working on finishing and defending in tight space in the remaining training sessions prior to the next match.  We play Kents Hill School on Wednesday November 9th.  This will be the first round of the MAISAD tournament and will take place at Kents Hill at 2:30pm.

-coach Smith