Big Win for Phoenix BVS vs Tilton 3-1

Hyde School:3 – Tilton School: 1

Tilton School traveled to Bath on Saturday for a match with the Phoenix.  The game was played on the turf field under cloudy cool conditions.

It was clear from the start that the back four defenders for Hyde would have to play well to protect the goal from the opponent’s offensive attacks.  PG Brandon Nelson, who played in the left fullback position, did a great job of man marking one of their more dangerous players.  David Hentnick`17 and PG Dylan Budd, who were central midfielders, thwarted central attacking runs while Jason Filios`17 was responsible for protecting the right side of the field.  The game was mostly back and forth for the first ten minutes.  In the 11th minute Captain PG Dylan Budd played the ball forward to left midfielder Jed Danforth`19 who crossed it in to forward Christian Beeke`18, who scored the first goal.  Nine minutes later, Danforth`19 scored again from the left side on a perfectly placed chip shot from deep in the offensive third of the field.  The score at half time was 2-0.

The two teams continued to play with enthusiasm in the second half, with both teams having scoring chances.  Captain goal keeper Greg Kidger`17 was on his game and made some great saves.  In the 65th minute Wallace Ogens`17 scored off a PG Dylan Budd free kick to make it 3-0.  The other midfield players; PG Zach Hambleton, Serge Mudogo`18 and Will Duerr`17 worked hard on both sides of the ball, creating scoring chances, and defending when the ball transitioned to the opponent’s midfielders.  In the 72nd minute Tilton scored when a ball popped out of a mass of players near the goalie box and found the back of the net.  Both teams played with intensity for the remainder of the match, which was ended with less than two minutes left on the clock due to darkness setting in.

This was a great win for the team.  Everyone played well and the results speak for themselves.  The boys were able to defend against talented attacking players and also generate strong offensive chances.  In addition, they had strong on field communication which allowed them to maintain possession at critical times, particularly through the midfield.  The squad will be working on keeping their touch sharp during the training sessions leading up to the next game.  We play Gould Academy on Wednesday November 2nd in Bethel at 3:00.


-coach Smith