Wolfpack XC Family Weekend @ Pomfret School

Hyde XC Family Weekend @ Pomfret School

Gunnery 39  Pomfret 42  Hyde 70   Cheshire 75

Hyde Cross Country raced at Pomfret School for our family weekend race. The weather could have been worse but not by much. High winds, cold rain, dark skies, and muddy trails, and missing runners came together to present a challenging afternoon of racing. Missing our third runner I sent them off with a goal for each runner to strive to make up the points and beat Cheshire who beat us last we met at WMA. Andrew West ‘17 and Mehki McCray ‘17 took off after the lead but took a slight detour in the first mile and had to fight to recover lost time after getting back on course. Somewhere in the steep and winding trails Mehki took a tumble and came up scuffed and muddy but not deterred from finishing strong. The cold and wet, in addition to the very hilly course took a toll on the guys but they fought hard. In the end, Hyde would finish 3rd of the four teams beating Cheshire but falling short of Pomfret and Gunnery. Andrew West was 2nd finishing about 25 seconds behind the leader, and about 30 seconds behind the course record. Mehki McCray picked himself up and pushed for a solid last mile to finish 12th. Outstanding efforts from Omar Raddaoui, Ryan Wang, Michaels St. Laurent, and Tom2 (Tom Huang and Tom Yao) helped to make up for the absence of Khalil Johnson pushing us 5 points ahead of Cheshire. We look forward to having everyone together for the Jacober Invitational at St. Andrews this Wednesday and another crack at the hills at Pomfret on Saturday. Wish them luck as they prep for these as well as the races in the fast approaching post season.