Tough Loss to MacDuffie for Wolfpack BVS

Hyde School, CT vs MacDuffie

Saturday 29, October

  First Half Score Final Score
MacDuffie School 3 7
Hyde School–Woodstock, CT 0 3


The Wolfpack traveled to MacDuffie School on Saturday for a rematching following an early season loss.  With more than six weeks between matches both teams had been made anew with new team members and some missing.  It was clear from the opening minutes that MacDuffie had a stronger attack and that Hyde had to capitalize on any transition opportunity.  Unfortunately those opportunities were few and far between.  The Wolfpack’s defensive line fought hard under the leadership of Josh Schwartz ‘19. He directed players and stopped the through-ball attacks repeatedly.  Much of the first half was spent defending and packing it in.  Strong effort from Cooper Felt ‘19 playing center midfield and Sachin Venkatesh ‘18 and Rowan Schwartzwald ‘18 playing outside middies.  The Wolfpack was patient in their defense and this kept MacDuffie at bay for more than 20 minutes.  It also provided a number of opportunities to counter attack.  Dustin Wang ‘20 provided hustle and energy up top and Derek Rwikangura ‘18 had a number of breakaways towards goal.  Despite the team’s patience MacDuffie infiltrated the defense in the 25th minute and went up one.  With less than ten minutes to go in the half they struck two more times.  The half ended 3-0 with the Wolfpack looking frustrated.

The second half proved to be a gut check.  Within the first five minutes goalie Dan Murray ‘17 ineffectively blocked a rocket to his left side.  Ferociously struck the ball ripped through Dan’s extended hands.  MacDuffie hit Hyde twice more to lead 6-0 in the ensuing 20 minutes.  Schwartz was helped on defense by senior Carlos Wang and the midfield saw renewed energy thanks to Eric Chu ‘18. A change of goalie at the 60th minute allowed Nick Simon ‘20 to see gain some solid experience.  After some rearranging of the line-up Hyde saw a few more opportunities.  With eight minutes to go Felt was taken down in the box and awarded a penalty kick allowing Hyde to get on the board.  A few minutes later Rwikangura broke through the MacDuffie defense to go one-on-one with the keeper making it 6-2.  MacDuffie countered and scored on Simon (7-2).  With less than ten second to go, Rwikangura was also slashed and taken down in the box.  Derek placed the ball on the back corner post bringing the score to 7-3.    The boys welcome Masters School on Monday at home.

Record: (W-L-T)