Phoenix Girls JV Soccer Battle Gould to Tie, 0-0

Hyde: 0

Gould: 0

On October 29, Hyde JV Girls played against Gould Academy on home field. With only 8 healthy players on the team, 5 varsity girls kindly volunteered to help right after their game. Learning from the Hebron game played on Wednesday, the team focused on drilling receive a pass, make one touch and turn as well as how to fully take advantage of a goal kick. Sydney Day who played striker for the first time fully applied what she practiced and quickly carried the ball towards the goal making Gould defense players losing their formation. Within 10 minutes into the game, Center mid Eliza Burrough passed the ball forward, Sydney received it, dribbled passing a Gould defender and made a shot at left corner of the goal. Gould goalie pushed the ball out and Kay Michaelian who also played striker for the first time quickly stepped in to make another shot but it was pushed out by the goalie again. Kay continued to put on pressure, but this time Gould goalie covered the ball. The first half ended with 0 to 0, but we knew we were very close to score a goal.

15 minutes into the second half, Gould had a penalty kick but they missed it. That brought Hyde’s energy up to another level. Defense players Sam Wisdom, Madision Hughes, Kessia Mugabo, Anna Dolin and Halle Bourne worked really well with each other and kept the ball off our half for the rest of the time. Using what they learned from goal kick drills, Hyde spent the last 5 minutes intercept Gould’s goal kicks and making shots on their goal. Unfortunately, Gould goalie’s finger was hurt and they didn’t have a sub goalie ready to go. Everyone waited patiently till another player changed into goalie’s gear, but Hyde didn’t have enough time left to complete another play.

Both team demonstrated great sportsmanship, Gould players also sang happy birthday song to Halle Bourn and Emma Levensohn after the game. Shout out also goes to Kay Michaelian who called a team talk before the game and turned the energy level from negative to positive.