Phoenix BVS Tops Bradford Christian 4-2

Hyde School: 4 – Bradford Christian: 2

Boys Varsity Soccer traveled to Amesbury Massachusetts to play Bradford Christian Academy on Wednesday.  The match was played on turf under cool clear weather.

In an effort to increase scoring, the Phoenix activated two player who previously played defensive roles, Captain PG Dylan Budd and John Garrett`17, as strikers.  This reconfigured the back four resulting in Wallace Ogen`17 playing left fullback, David Hentnick`17 and PG Brandon Nelson as center backs and Will Duerr`18 at right fullback.  Serge Mudogo`18 and PG Zach Hambleton retained their center midfield positions.  Jed Danforth`19 and Scott O’Brien`17 were wingers, left and right respectively.  This configuration worked well in terms of maintaining possession for the first twenty minutes of play.  Early on, the Phoenix had numerous chances to score, but none that resulted in goals.  Unfortunately, striker John Garrett`17 came off the pitch due to illness midway through the half.  Wallace Ogens`17 moved to striker and Jason Filios`17 took his position at left fullback.  In an effort to spark something, the coaches moved PG Brandon Nelson to striker and PG Dylan Budd back to his defensive position.  In the 29th minute, PG Brandon Nelson scored on a PG Dylan Budd corner kick.  The score at the half was 1-0.

Less than a minute into the second half, left winger Jed Danforth`19 found Wallace Ogen`17 for a goal to go up 2-0.  However, Bradford Christian countered in the 43rd minute when one of the their players broke free with a 1 v 1 attack that resulted in a goal.  They tied the match in the 48th minute off a free kick taken from just outside the box on the right side.  With the game knotted, the Phoenix dug down and reinvigorated their attacking efforts.  In the 71st minute, Jed Danforth`19 connected with Wallace Ogens`17 again, who scored on a nice header in the box.  PG Zach Hambleton scored the 4th goal in the 76th minute to bring it to 4-2.  Other notable play came from Captain keeper Greg Kidger`17 who made some great plays during the opponent’s corner kicks and contributed with his powerful punts down field.

This was a good result for us.   Not just the win, but the team seems to be back on track relative to scoring goals.  The midfield did a good job of playing the ball forward and the attacking players found the back of the net.  We will be working to enhance on-field communication in the training sessions leading up to Saturday’s game with Tilton School.  That match will be played at home on the turf field at 3:30 on the 29th.  They are a quality team, it promises to be an exciting game.


-coach Smith