Wolfpack and Phoenix BVS Matchup Ends Era

Hyde School, CT vs Hyde-Bath, ME

Wednesday 22, October

First Half Score Final Score
Hyde School — Bath, ME 0 0
Hyde School–Woodstock, CT 0 0

Today marked the end of an era.  For the last twenty years the Hyde soccer teams – boys, girls, JV, varsity –  have battled each other in the spirit of friendly competition and sibling rivalry.  For the last nineteen years the effort from both teams has been to build this rivalry and intensity towards winning points for the coveted President’s Cup. Today marked the end of that era.  The Cup has been put aside and the teams met to build a future community.  Today, the boys varsity soccer teams from Hyde Bath and Hyde Woodstock met on the Wolfpack’s turf to battle but to also unite.  Before the whistle blew the teams met at half field to shake hands and get to know each other.  After some awkwardness, some laughter, and a cheer by all for ‘HYDE!’ they dispersed to their separate sides.

From the kick off the teams fought hard.  The Phoenix dominated possession in the first half and had numerous opportunities to find the net.  With the wind aiding them and solid foot skills, they drove balls past the Wolfpack midfield and defenders to test Woodstock’s keeper, senior Dan Murray.  He won many loose balls and defended the goal admirably.  The defensive team of Alex Sobel ‘17, Josh Schwartz ‘19, and Ian White ‘18 all worked hard to control play in the defensive third of the field.  They successfully shot down Bath’s attempts to score throughout the game.  Throughout the game Miles Li ‘17 played with determination which led to some very physical play.  Adding to both defense and office, sophomore Cooper Felt provided long balls up front and strong tackling skills in the 18.  His work on the goal line saved the  game on three separate occasions.  In the last fifteen minutes of play Derek Rwikwigura ‘18 and Brooks Doll ‘17 had numerous penetrating attacks which put the Phoenix on their heels.  Hard work in the midfield from Robert Carter ‘18, Rowan Schwartzwald ‘18 and Altug Yilmuz ‘19 also helped the Wolfpack keep the Phoenix at bay.  Lastly, senior Toby Mitchell provided coaching support and a willing spirit – he played a variety of positions throughout the game but used his extensive knowledge of the game to offer insightful commentary to his coaches when asked.

Perhaps in the end it is appropriate for the two teams to have a draw.  They will meet again as one team with new aspirations, new goals, and a renewed sense of camaraderie.  Today’s match was an appropriate finish, one for which both teams can be proud.

Record: (W-T-L)