Big Win for Wolfpack BVS vs St. Thomas More 8-0

Hyde School, CT at St. Thomas More

Wednesday 5, October

  First Half Score Final Score
St. Thomas More 0 0
Hyde School–Woodstock, CT 6 8

On Wednesday, October 5th, the Hyde School Wolfpack again met with the Chancellors of St. Thomas More, this time at home.  The Wolfpack quickly secured a lead and demonstrated dominance on the home field.  Rowan Schwartzwald ‘18 notched his first goal of the year on a cross from the corner.  Other scorers in the first half included Cooper Felt ‘19 and Ian White ‘18.  Both also assisted goals by Jon Bell ‘17 and Josh Schwartz ‘19.  Hyde’s focus during much of the first and second half was possession and simple passing.  The outside middies were utilized to attack the corners and to cross the ball for head-balls and volley shots.  At the half the score was 5-0.

Back-up goalkeeper Nick Simon ‘20 made his debut for the Wolfpack and  did well during the second half.  Senior Miles Li showed significant improvement in ball handling skills and awareness of field positioning.  He contributed a great deal as he made direct and purposeful passes to teammates.  Captain Jon Bell ‘17 had a strong game directing efforts to improve play.  The team plays Marianapolis Prep away next Wednesday.

Record: (W-T-L)