Big Win for Phoenix BVS vs Dublin 7-1

Hyde School: 7 –Dublin School: 1

Boys Varsity Soccer traveled to Epping New Hampshire to play Dublin School on Wednesday.  The match was played on an artificial turf field under warm sunny conditions.

The Hyde squad was missing a number of starting players for various reasons ranging from disciplinary action through the Dean’s Office to injury.  This challenge resulted in two players being ‘called up’ from the Junior Varsity team.  Given the new personnel, and the difficulties the team had been having with finishing, the coaches chose to employ a radical new formation.  The 3-4-3 configuration consisted of 3 defenders holding down the back line, four midfielder and three strikers.  The defensive back three were David Hentnick`17 on the left, PG Dylan Budd in the center and Wallace Ogens`17 on the right.  The four in the midfield were Jed Danforth`19 and Serge Mudogo`18 in the center with Riley Andrews`17 and Connor Gray`18 at right and left respectively.  The three strikers in this formation were Scott O’Brien`17, Christian Beeke`18 and Henry Tao`18.  This new formation worked well defensively because of the strong play by the three backs.  They were able to push forward and compress the field and Captain PG Dylan Budd possessed the speed to defend their attacking players when they did manage to break free.  Hyde Scored the first goal in the 19th minute when Serge Mudogo`18 netted a ball that he gathered off a deflection from a shot taken by Scott O’Brien`17.  Christian Beeke`18 scored his first goal of the game in the 23rd minute off a Mudogo`18 assist.  The halftime score was 2-0.

Dublin came out of the halftime break firing and scored a goal off a free kick 3 minutes in.  However, Christian Beeke`18 scored in the 51st minute on a nice header to bring the score to 3-1.  Beeke`18 connected for a third time 10 minutes later when he scored on a PG Dylan Budd free kick.  New comer Connor Gray`18 scored in the 64th minute off a Budd corner kick.  The scoring continue in the 71st minute when Jed Danforth`19 converted a penalty kick that was awarded to Hyde for a handball in the box.  Connor Gray`18 scored the final goal of the match when he volleyed a PG Dylan Budd free kick into the net.

This was a good result for us.  The eleven boys on the field played nice possession soccer and were focused throughout the match.  They were able to leave the distractions of what was going on with their teammates behind and play up to their potential.  It should serve as a strong reminder to those not at the game for disciplinary reasons that others are ready to rise up and fill the void left by their absence.  We will continue to work on ‘finishing’ in the training sessions leading up to our next contest. We play Kents Hill School on Saturday October 15th at home.  It promises to be a good match.


-coach Smith